Studio Policies

Please read this carefully as this contains our policies on payment, absences, and recital information.

    • Payment: Payment will be due at the beginning of every month. If your child misses a class, they may make it up by taking another levels class at a later date from when they missed. They will however need to do that within one month of missing their class if they are planning on making it up. There will not be refunds for missed classes. Please try to email us ahead of time about a missed class if possible. Checks should be made out to Beautiful Feet of Chandler. If your payment is a 2 weeks or more overdue, a $10 late fee will be required.
    • Registration: Please fill out the online registration form before coming to class. You will receive an email confirmation that your child has been successfully registered. Your child will not be permitted to take class until the registration form is filled out. A liability release form must also be signed at your child’s first class.

Recital: Costume fee is due by the end of January. We allow 3 absences from February-May. Any more than that and it is at our discretion to either pull the child out of a dance or to pull them out of the recital completely.

Please note that for recital you will be purchasing the costume at full price and taking it home. All costumes will stay around $30-40 a piece and that price will be your costume fee. A leotard of our choosing will also need to be purchased to go under the costume for modesty purposes. We will email you with the exact leotard when we have it picked out. Tights and ballet shoes will also be mandatory.

Policies Updated in April 2015:

  • When you pay for the month, it is for that month and you will not get money back for missed classes in that month or credit towards future classes. If your child misses they are allowed to make up a missed class during another class. For the three year old class and the 4 & 5 year old class we realize they can’t make up in the level down since their classes are held at the same time. The 3 & 4 year olds can make up in the last 15 minutes of the 5 & 6 class for a few weeks and the 5 & 6 class can make up in the 7-9 class. We do try to be understanding with missed classes for things such as illness and family emergencies.
  • When you registered your child to take class with us it was for the Fall and Spring semester. We operate like a school not a gym. If you drop at any point out please let us know so that we can take you off our list. There are no refunds even if your student drops out. Students that join in January will only be in one class dance. If your child missed most of the classes in the Fall semester they will also only be in one class dance.
  • When signing up for classes you are agreeing to pay for each month regardless of how many classes per month your child attends. Missing a complete month and then not paying for it will not be allowed. We ask that you pay monthly for your student(s) or communicate with us that you will no longer have your student(s) attending classes.
  • For the Spring semester (January – May) we enforce strict attendance policies due to the proximity to the recital. If you can not commit to regular attendance please do not enroll your child(ren). We know things come up, but if the likelihood of missing more than the permitted three classes is high we ask that you remove your child(ren) for the Spring semester. We put a large amount of time and energy into the recital and preparations. It is very stressful for us and the other students to have students missing too many classes. Please pray and think about your ability to commit to the whole semester. Plan ahead. The recital date will be end of May so please be aware of that when booking vacations.
  • If your child will miss class please email us and let us know. Even if it is five minutes before class starts we will know that you are still planning on taking classes with us. If we never hear from a parent and their child misses repeatedly we will assume they are no longer interested and will take you off our list for the year.