Studio Policies

The following policies are for Beautiful Feet of Chandler, LLC for the 2018-2019 school year. Please review these
carefully and sign your consent at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


Tuition must be paid in full by the first class of every month. If payment is not received within the first two weeks
of the month, a $10 late fee will be added to the total cost of tuition for every two weeks that payment is not
submitted. Tuition dues are the same amount for each month, regardless of how many classes each child misses in a
given month. Tuition fees remain the same whether there are three, four, or five classes in the month. Tuition dues
are non-refundable.

When you registered your child to take class with us it was for the Fall and Spring semester. We operate like a
school not a gym. If you drop out at any point, please let us know so that we can take you off our list. There are no
refunds even if your student drops out. Students that join in January will only be in one class dance. If your child
missed most of the classes in the Fall semester they will also only be in one class dance.

When signing up for classes you are agreeing to pay for each month regardless of how many classes per
month your child attends. Missing a complete month and then not paying for it will not be allowed. We ask that you
pay monthly for your student or communicate with us that you will no longer have your student attending classes.

You are responsible for your child as soon as class is dismissed. Resources are sometimes stretched thin, and
each teacher is immediately responsible for the incoming class. Please do the teachers, all fellow students and
parents, and the community center staff a favor by being on site before your child is dismissed. Unfortunately,
younger students can no longer be kept in the next class, except in emergencies.

Costume Fees:

A $40-$60 costume fee will be required for every student who performs in our spring recital. The costume fee payment must be submitted by January, 2019. Depending on costume/dance requirements, it may be necessary for parents to purchase additional items such as leotards, tights, hair pieces, etc. This costume fee is non-refundable.


Our yearly recital will likely be held in the middle or end of May, 2019. Please plan family vacations or any time away
from classes/rehearsals or the actual recital accordingly and notify us as far in advance as possible. We may require
extra classes/rehearsals for dancers that are performing in the recital but do not attend classes frequently enough or
who miss rehearsal days altogether.

Please understand that it is crucial that all performing dancers attend as many classes as possible leading up to the
recital. Should any child miss more than three classes after the beginning of March, 2019, we reserve the right to
remove them from any or all recital dances, based on teacher discretion.